National Sculpture Society

National Sculpture Society

New Member Reception, 1996. 
On the photo Barry Johnston, Gwen Pier, Dimitry Gerrman, and Guest.

Exhibited at this show two works below: 

TORSO, 1995 marble 16x8x8 in.png


Female Torso, marble, 16 x 8 x 8 inches, 1995.

Susan Joy Slack wrote in the Fall 1997 Sculpture Review,

"....Torso is a delicate evocation of life about to emerge.  The full curves
of the stomach and swollen breasts with large nipples, and the soft flesh of
the hips and waist, shoulders and buttocks bring tactile life to the
beautifully veined white marble.  So eloquent is the finish of the marble
that it literally glows with an inner
light - it is a bud about to open, the home of new life.

PRISONER, 1990, plaster 1.5 life size.png







Prisoner, plaster, 1.5 life size, 1990.